Who we are

  • We are specialists in Lean Six Sigma’s improvement and development.
  • Our passion is to strengthen positive change.

Our clients and partners say about us that:

  1. We develop people, groups and companies in the most effective way.
  2. In the LEAN Six Sigma methodology:
  • we are most experienced because we combine the know-how of a Certified Instructor-Coach with the multi-year training of Senior Executives of multinational companies and the extensive experience of a Consultant,
  • we provide certified training programs and exams in LEAN Six Sigma White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, & Black Belt,
  • we adapt training programs to the specific needs, pace and goals of each business,
  • we select together strategic goals and improvement projects,
  • we design and implement together the training, change and growth plans with Lean Six Sigma,
  • we guide the teams to successfully complete projects and achieve results,
  • we collaborate with any Certified Training Organization, and
  • we design Lean Six Sigma training materials of all grades for 3rd parties.
  1. They choose us for long-term cooperation because:
  • we have many years of international experience (since 2001) in Lean Six Sigma implementation as top multinational executives and certified instructors-coaches,
  • we manage change in a mild and effective way,
  • we customize the training programs to the needs and capabilities of each client,
  • we can combine 6σ training with coaching and co-ordination of improvement projects,
  • we γενερατε direct profits for our customers,
  • the quality of our services is excellent, our prices are affordable and our way of working flexible.
  1. Cooperation with us:
  • brings results where others fail,
  • greatly reduces the time of change and the level of disruption of εμπλουεεσ, clients and associates,
  • dramatically increases the adoption and use of Lean Six Sigma in the daily routine of employees,
  • makes it possible to quickly achieve seemingly unattainable goals at personal, team and company level.