Our services


  • Defines the challenges to achieving the company’s goals.
  • Utilizes multiple tools with company specific data to arrive at optimal solutions.
  • Guides the implementation of the agreed upon strategy for continuous improvement leading to sustainable growth.
  • Manages employees to deliver results through in-house improvements projects.
  • Trains company personnel in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  • Motivates management & employees to learn and do the above without external help.

The method we use

Changeland uses Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to improve the quality of process outputs by:

  • identifying & removing causes of defects
  • minimizing variability in production & business processes
  • eliminating non-value adding activities.

What is the Lean Six Sigma methodology?

  • Lean Six Sigma was a measure of Quality. It became a methodology & framework for Continuous Improvement & Growth.
  • LSS uses two sub-methodologies to process improvement eliminating defects, reducing cost & cycling time: DMAIC for improvement projects & DMADV for new process development.

Changeland’s Experience and Advantages

Changeland always customizes the LSS program according to the needs & budget of each company offering immediate high added value (solve problems, not just training) and leading to ISO certification. Changeland’s LSS programs can be financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Dr. Basilis Masoulas is the founder and leader of Changeland. He has been a Master Black Belt in Lean 6σ Sigma since 2001. He is an accredited Trainer & Coach, certifying hundreds of professionals, internationally awarded for his Lean 6σ projects. He is the author of the book “Management & Development in the New Knowledge Economy with Six Sigma” and university professor of Lean 6s in postgraduate programs (ITESM University System, America, and Athens University of Economics and Business).

Changeland has implemented LSS programs in companies throughout Greece and abroad. A partial list includes Halcor, Eurobank, SABO, Aluminum of Greece, TUV Austria Hellas, Hellenic Cables, DHL Hellas, BP Hellas, AON Financial Services, Microsoft, Shell, John Deere, Kodak, Hewlett Packard & multiple small to medium enterprises within different business sectors.

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